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"Good times bad times you know I`ve had my share. The cool thing about Dallas Chatlines in that no one seems to care. When you dial into the free chat line number made available 24 hours a day by Dallas Chatlines, you`re off to the races right away. No girl I`ve ever spoken to on the party line has been overly concerned with my previous relationships. My profile was so easy to customise and each girl that`s left me a message has had a chance to listen to all my interests and knows what makes me tick. I liked the free chat line number so much that I decided to become a member to gain more access to local women. A great price that I`ll gladly pay, simply because of the return I get from it."
Gord, 25, Waco, Texas

"My girls and I all tried the free chat line number after hearing about it around the university earlier in the semester. Dallas Chatlines has total caught up with the times and there's no better singles line available anywhere. None of us girls have been without a date for as long as I can remember and we loving sharing all the steamy stories about the guys we talk to from Dallas. When I'm bored I dial into the chat line and browse through all the different profiles. If I hear something interesting, I'll drop the guy a message. Many of the other social networks out there are so out dated any phony but Dallas Chatlines is bang on with the times. I don't think I'll ever have to try another dating service again."
Jenna, 22, Arlington, Texas

"I usually went for settling with the first guy that to ask me out because I was too shy and stupid to know any better. Now I have way too many guys leaving me messages and chatting with me that I don't know what to do with myself. I can call the free chat line number at Dallas Chatlines and browse all the profiles and check my messages anytime I chose. Before work, after class or whatever. I'm never without a guy to talk to when I have free time and there are plenty of romantic sweeties out there to keep me happy. I was weary to call at first but after calling and noticing that thousands of people call every day I totally loved it. Never a boring night when I dial into Dallas Chatlines."
Tammy, 22, Austin, Texas

"Dallas Chatlines; I can't thank you enough for helping me find Amber! We hooked up on your free chat line and have been in love ever since we went out on our first date. We simply don't care when someone brings up the fact that we met through your service. Most of the time our single friends ask about the number for Dallas Chatlines and our advice for meeting someone special. The key is to create a good profile so that you can match your interests with someone else's. After that it's a piece of cake because of the amount of people using the service. Thanks again Dallas Chatlines!"
Manuel, 31, Dallas Texas


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